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decades of experience in IT equipment for NPO's

IT for non-profit organizations

We at MADRO EDV have decades of experience in IT equipment for social organizations / NPO’s.

We are your contact for all IT-related topics and offer complete service from a single source.

The “DPWV” offers special conditions for all affiliated facilities.

Our social standards are not only reflected in our long-term customer loyalty in the social area. We live social responsibility and have been supporting social projects for many years. Last but not least, our own interaction is also shaped accordingly.
In our main business area, the IT area, with various industry software solutions, MADRO EDV pursues realistic goals that we want to implement with you.
From the needs-based equipment with hardware and software licenses, budgeting, the installation and setting up of your industry solutions to the system administration of your servers, we take on all IT-relevant tasks.

The focus here is on project-related work with special consideration of your budget.
Our customers can rely on a contact person who knows the specific requirements and your technical landscape. MADRO EDV offers individual service via remote maintenance and on site. Thanks to long customer relationships, our employees are always up to date with the preferred software systems of social institutions.
With the framework agreement with the DPWV, we can offer all affiliated organizations correspondingly attractive conditions. We can offer all of our customers a well-structured network and a wide range of manufacturer-independent hardware.

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