TiPOS cash register

More than a POS


Our TiPOS POS system was optimally developed for the needs of GASTRONOMY, BAKERY and RETAIL industrie. These three basic packages can be expanded with a large number of additional modules, so that you always get the right software for your cash register. In addition, we offer POS-independent products as ADDITIONS that optimally complete your operating equipment.

Looking for a suitable table reservation system?
Then you will find it with us! Table Champ is a very easy-to-use table reservation system with which the employee can no longer forget anything.

Either directly via the TiPOS cash register or cloud-based directly in the browser, regardless of whether it is a tablet, iPad or PC – you can always access all data.

Your customers will love you.

With TiPOS you can organize in next to no time. Central administration, personnel manager etc.

Self-service terminals, ticket monitors, guest call systems, etc.

Get the most important analyzes, figures and reports.

Always keep an eye on everything in your company.

Whether warehouse or orders. With the right TiPOS modules you have everything under control.

Increase your sales with targeted advertising.

Optimal workflow in the kitchen! Chronological display of orders on all workstations etc.

TiPOS of course GoBD compliant & TSE ready!

The GoBD contain requirements that, according to the tax authorities, are relevant for all IT systems that record or process tax-relevant data directly or indirectly. When implementing these requirements, the tax authorities assume compliance with the principles of proper bookkeeping and compliance with the taxpayer’s obligation to cooperate for smooth tax audits.

POS systems must meet legal requirements and export data in compliance with GoBD. A technical security device (TSE) is a security module in electronic cash registers that is used for the seamless and unchangeable recording of all cash register transactions. The term comes from the German Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV), which from January 1, 2020 requires the complete, unchanged and tamper-proof storage of business transactions and some other processes.

TiPOS Modules

  • Office – the controller in your POS system.
  • Headquarters – the data manager in your cash register system.
  • Branch – all data always under control.
  • Cash book – the cashier in your cash register system.
  • QUICKIE APP – The mobile assistant.
  • Warehouse – the logistician in your POS system.
  • Warehouse APP – smart solution for warehouse bookings.
  • Ordering – the purchasing manager in your POS system.
  • Kitchen manager – paper receipts are a thing of the past.
  • Kitchen client – See at a glance what needs to be prepared by when.
  • Self-service terminal – order quickly and easily using the touchscreen.
  • Ticket Monitor – orders always in view.
  • Guest call system Relaxed communication with high efficiency.
  • Voucher management – customers love vouchers.
  • Bonus app – the smart way of customer loyalty.
  • Customer management – The customer manager
  • MeinBusiness – your personal management system.
  • Delivery note / invoice – the accountant in your cash register system.
  • Digital advertising – innovative & promotional.
  • Image management – Central control of all images.
  • Advertising screen – additional sales in the waiting time.
  • Shift operation – the working time administrator
  • HR manager – optimal use of staff.
  • EAN code generation – the programmer in your POS system.
  • Day ticket / Internet – the ticket distributor.
  • Statistics / Matrix – The perfect control tool.
  • QlikView – the analyst in your POS system.
  • Customer card – your customers will love you.

TiPOS Interfaces

  • Dispensing systems / coffee machines
    Silexa Z1 (Brau Union)
    Hogatron WMF
    Walla Schärf
    TBT Schankomat Fähnrich
  • Bakery software / inventory management
    Die Einkaufsberater  SAP
    Navision BIT
    FoodNotify OPTIback
    GRIBS Analytika
  • Scales
    Mettler Toledo Bizerba
    Epelsa Toperczer
    Avery Berkel Diebold
  • Hotel software
    hope hotel software
    Fidelio / Opera Gastrodat
    HS3 Protel
    BAP Casablanca
  • Cashless payment
    Blue Code SIX / Paylife
    MPOS sum up
    Card Complete REA Card
    Tele Cash First Data
    Hobex afc
  • Voucher systems
    Incert eTourism
  • accounting
    BMD Abacus

TiPOS Mobile

With TiPOS-Mobile you have your billing system in the entire restaurant directly with your guests! You can easily, conveniently and, above all, quickly place the guest’s order directly at the table! With TiPOS-Mobile, the products are distributed to the various production points such as the bar and kitchen! Paying is child’s play, as all options such as separation, article transfer, cancellations, etc. are also possible here. Optimal use of staff ensures that your service professionals are always directly with the guest and thus right in the middle of the action! Even product information such as product descriptions, ingredients, etc. can be called up directly on the mobile.

TiPOS MEINbusiness. Time for the essentials. Simple. Always. up-to-date .

Organize your business in next to no time with TiPOS MEINbusiness, your personal assistant for all your figures, analyzes, reports and orders.

All data available anytime and anywhere
Don’t run after your numbers any longer. With TiPOS MEINbusiness, all your figures are bundled in one system and analyzes and reports are adapted to your needs. Automated warehouse booking, booth control, dispensing warehouse management, electronic connection of suppliers or order suggestions relieve you of a lot of work. This leaves you more time for your guests and employees.

With TiPOS MEINbusiness you see your company with different eyes, you act in real time and you have web-based access to your data on all your devices.